Van den Hul The Minisub 7,5 m.

Van den Hul The Minisub 7,5 m.


Van den Hul The Minisub 7,5 m.

Van den Hul The Minisub 7,5 m.

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The MINISUB HYBRID (Halogen Free)

The MINISUB Hybrid typically has been designed as an active subwoofer cable. It
is extremely flexible, and has an atractive cream colored jacket that blends
easy in any interior, making it very suitable for longer length subwoofer cable
application and all interconnections where there is need for a very flexible,
price-efficient cable.

The design combination of a superior transmission quality, a very low
conductor-conductor capacitance, a very high screening factor
together with a high mechanical flexibility and a long durability, though not
being easy to manage, successfully has been achieved.
The balanced construction, is made with two centre conductors each having 12 x
0.15 mm. strands. (AWG 24 each, respectively in red and black foamed
polypropylene insulation).
The conductor material is large crystal OFC with a dense silver coating.
The external 5.0 mm. diameter jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ®, a material with
superior properties compared to e.g. PVC; HULLIFLEX ® gives The MINISUB HYBRID a
very long life span without any ageing effects. The jacket colour is cream.


7,5 meter
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